Transition to Leadership Course. Day 3

Transition to Leadership Course: Day 3

Date: Friday 5th November (Whole day event)

Cost: Free!

Location: Virtual

A date has now been confirmed for day 3 of the Transition to Leadership course for ST3 trainees starting ST4 in September 2021 (or those starting their new registrar posts from other routes)

Transition to Leadership is a free course organised by the London School of Paediatrics to help prepare paediatric SHOs for the transition to registrar level. This well established course ran for several years face-to-face, and has been been adapted to run virtually for 2021.

Day 3 topics will include:

-Decision making and situational awareness

-Negotiation, delegation and conflict resolution

-Making mistakes and accountability

-Dealing with stress

Who can attend: Anyone who has recently started on a registrar rota (usually doctors starting ST4 in September but we also allow doctors outside of training programmes who have recently started their first registrar job to attend).  Priority will be given to those who have attended days 1 & 2, however we are hoping there will be space for everyone.

To book your place please go here:

For any queries please email