S.London STC Meeting Update

The South London Speciality Training Committee (STC) met on Tuesday 22nd January 2019. It was well attended by Training Programme Directors, College Tutors and Trust reps from across the South.
Big news – Head of School
Camilla Kingdon is moving on from Head of School. Camilla has been a fantastic head of school and we would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to Camilla for leading us so well and giving so much of her time to look after us all. Camilla is one of the GSTT/Evelina NICU Consultants and continues as RCPCH Vice President for Education and Professional Development.
Jonathan Round, PICU Consultant at St. George’s, will be the new Head of School from April 2019. Huge Congratulations to him, and good news for us all. The London School of Paediatrics is one of the best run in the country (probably THE best run). It continues in safe hands.
Engaging trainees better. 
We focused the afternoon meeting on how we can better support trainees and improve engagement.
Trainees with difficulties
We considered ways to support trainees with acute challenges, but also how we can better engage with trainees how have additional needs to properly progress through training. We discussed various ways to engage with and support trainees where concerns have been identified. London School of Paediatrics has a wealth of resources to support trainees, both locally via the College Tutor and supervisors network, and also regional days such as the ‘Survive and Thrive’ days. There is also the Professional Support Unit when needed.
We considered that at ST1-3 trainees often need support navigating the training environment; knowing where to seek help, etc. We heard that for many, by ST6-7 trainees understand where to get help but have other needs. However, we also gave some time to think about trainees who have met challenges along the way through their training where it results in disengagement from the training environment. Overall we want to support these trainees much more.
Longer Term Relationships & Mentorship
We discussed ways we can better support trainees through longer term relationships with Educational Supervisors. It can be challenging to fully assess and support trainees based on six month educational relationships. Keeping an Educational Supervisor for many years, perhaps even your whole training course, with local Clinical Supervisors could be a good solution for some trainees.
Psychologist and Trainee Support sessions
Many trusts are now providing staff support sessions, psychologist-led trainee sessions (critical care areas in particular) and resilience sessions. We received some feedback that trainees do not always fully engage with this when provided. When trainees do, the sessions can be very useful. Many trusts are now trying to be proactive rather than reactive in dealing with the strains of professional life.
Paediatric Families
This innovative program seeks to provide longer term support and mentorship for trainees by trainees. Do consider signing up in the next cycle (either as a ‘child’ or ‘parent’).
Simple things can make a big impact. Positivity boards and sharing successes make a big difference. Small comforts also help; e.g. nice lamps and heaters in night rest rooms, etc.
PEDx Evenings & Social
PEDx is an exciting new teaching session run at St. George’s. Two sessions have run very successful with a multi-professional audience and teaching team. Watch out for a pan-London invitation to attend for our April session at St. George’s. More soon …
London School of Paediatrics Website. 
A refreshed website will launch at the school conference in February. Please ensure all of your colleagues are signed up to the email bulletin newsletter at www.LondonPaediatrics.co.uk .