RSM Neonatal Study Day – 7th July 2021

This LSP study day will review the current best practice in the management of a broad spectrum of clinical presentations in neonatology.

Topics include:

  •  Neonatal perfusion and strategies to maintain perfusion in preterm neonates
  •  New adjuncts in neonatal ventilation
  •  Short gut syndrome and minimal access surgery in neonates
  •  Abnormal cranial ultrasound findings and the management of post haemorrhagic ventricular dilatation
  •  Metabolic emergencies
  •  Congenital infections in pregnancy and neonates
  •  Important aspects of the parent experience in neonatology

Join this session to review best practice management and learn more about novel developments in the field so that participants gain insight into current research taking place in tertiary centres.

Trainees will also be provided with information about a career involving neonatology, either in specialist GRID training or as a general paediatrician with a specialist interest, and how to achieve this.

This study day is aimed at level 2 paediatric trainees but is open and will be of relevance to all paediatric trainees, with an interest in neonatology.

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