Regional Trainee Representative in Organ Donation

We would like to invite applicants for the role of Regional Trainee Representative in Organ Donation.

All details attached.

Role Title                               Regional Trainee Representative in Organ Donation

Grade                                     Specialist Trainee ST 6 and above in Paediatric ICM, Neonatalogy, Paediatric Emergency Medicine or General paediatrics

Or equivalent non-training grade/SAS

Location                                 Employing Hospital(s)

Accountable to:                    Regional CLOD

Hours:                                    1 – 2 days per month

Duration:                                1 – 2 years; or when taking up Consultant appointment.


This role is established by NHSBT and does not attract remuneration. However, reasonable expenses (eg travel expenses) with prior approval will be reimbursed.


Appointment will be by interview panel convened by Regional CLOD, Regional Manager and Regional Chair of ODCs, representing NHSBT.


Role summary

  1. To support development of organ donation practice in the region.
  2. Establish effective working relationships, with members of the local and regional Organ Donation Service and key stakeholders relevant to the work undertaken both locally and throughout the region.
  3. To enable the trainee to gain a greater knowledge and understanding about organ donation and transplantation, plus gain a opportunities for management experience at a regional & national level and research/QI projects

London PTROD cover letter Jan 2023

Regional PTROD role description – TH 10062021