Perinatal Epidemiology, Ethics & Communication Course

We are running a new online course on the online portal  It will be rolled out formally on the 15th of February 2021. It covers Perinatal Epidemiology and Ethics as well communication.
Please note details as below-
1) Introduction-Learning Your Way
This is a short introductory video about the current module
The approach you take to learning is based on your learning style depending on whether you like reading, are a visual learner or learn through interaction. The intention is that there is enough content to explain things but not too much so that you find it a chore. For those who want more details, the referenced text is in parenthesis to review online. The topics as enumerated below and more will be further contextualised in the talks and in the resources section. For visual learners, there are videos which help contextualise the content and can be watched at your leisure. As long as you have internet you can access this on your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet.
Webinars-There will be between 1-2 webinars per week which you can watch live and interact. If you are unable to do so they will be available in the resources section to watch in your own time. The course curriculum and a tentative programme look as below but webinar dates are still being finalised. An introductory schedule is attached to this email. The learning hours can be claimed as CPD and if you would like to get formal certification there is an MCQ at the end.
2) Course Start Date -A course email with the entire calendar and zoom links will go out to participants on Monday the 8th of February. This will have the details for the course including the nuts and bolts of how to use the portal and the schedule for webinars as well as the zoom links for the speakers. You will be able to access the content for weeks 1-4  anytime after the 15th of February. The remainder of the module will be uploaded on the 15th of March 2020. There is no end date and you can do the module in your own time.
3) Zoom Group-Please note you will also receive an invite via email to accept an invite for the zoom group ‘Perinatal Care of the Newborn’. This will allow you access to all the talks and webinars after registration.