After another successful LSP Showcase full of interesting dynamic conversations and workshops… we came together to form our own NEW YEARS PAEDIATRIC RESOLUTIONS!!! Some of them are very inspiring….

Something for everyone….

  • Lets no longer blame COVID and take it out of the equation and truly focus on becoming one team again focussing on supporting our training and keeping this at the forefront of our minds!
  • Looking to improve our departments taking on board the feedback received in the LSP survey
  • Come forward for an Excellence Exchange to enable some discussion about the department and aiming to improve what we can for training
  • Aim to have a 1:1 with every trainee or small group sessions, to talk about their career and achievements going forward
  • Support ST5s with career planning
  • Thinking about training and teaching again, remembering trainees/we are more than just job monkey’s
  • Look at the rota and contracts and ensure it is compliant and fair for all.
  • Lets think about bullying and how we address this effectively
  • Bringing face to face simulation back in full swing this year!


  • Working on my ARCP from the start, and not leaving it to the last minute!!
  • Offer to do MORE work placed based assessments for all junior doctors including FY1s
  • Get more savvy with Kaizen!

Committee Resolutions

  • Looking forward to new members and a new workforce to get started on some new exciting projects for the education subgroup!
  • Create camaraderie amongst our college tutors, involve more college tutors to spread the word, engaging others in excellence exchanges! Remove the ‘fear’ element, as its a rewarding experience for all!
  • Would be lovely to get a clear plan from HEE about face to face teaching and sessions again.
  • Proactively engage undergraduates
  • Big projects to take forward with the Less than full time subgroup, with a brand new refreshed team!

Work/Life Integration and Positivity

  • Prioritise local socials again, helping with wellbeing and boosting morale!
  • Focus on work life balance and integration
  • Encourage more greatixes within the department to show our appreciation and celebrate excellence.
  • Engage with more LSP meetings, a realisation that there is so much we can do to improve
  • To spend more time with my kids

My resolution: To do my best as chair to support trainees and departments to achieve even more excellence and lead the committee forward into the new future of paediatrics! (And hopefully have a London Paeds Ball by the end of my term!) 


Thank you everyone for contributing to some lovely thoughts for our upcoming 2022 and allowing me to share them with everyone to provide some inspiration!!! The summary from the E-rota exercise and the LSP Survey workshops will be coming soon!

LETS MAKE 2022 the BEST YET!!!!


LSP TC Chair