NCEL STC meeting: Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to the first School meeting of 2019! We kicked off thinking about the school’s vision and objectives. The energy & enthusiasm is being translated into action- watch this space! A huge thank you to our inspiring Head of School, Camilla Kingdon, who is handing over the reigns to Jonathan Round. Jonathan takes over as HoS in April. In the interim Ruth Shepard and Anne Opute will continue to provide leadership and support in their roles as deputy Heads of School.

Let’s Connect: The new School website will be going live next month and should be much easier to navigate and will be the “go to” place for information and news.

The NCEL team are setting up a WhatsApp group for Trust reps. If you haven’t already given your contact details, please drop Katie an email on:

There is so much happening at the School meetings and lots of useful information shared – if you are a College tutor or Trust rep and cannot attend, please send a representative. Better still- bring a friend with you! Disseminate key points from the School meetings at your next junior/junior, junior/senior & LFG (local faculty group) meetings to share the information. You can also follow us on @LondonPaed

Lots of discussion took place on how to engage the unengaged. We discussed best practice at LFGs may be to have photos of every trainee and provide feedback (positive as well as areas for development). MDT feedback would be ideal. There was agreement that improving training was the responsibility of trainers & trainees alike. Peer support is a huge resource we are just starting to explore. Feedback from the “Families project” is that when trainees are in the same hospital, peer mentoring is much more successful. This may be something training departments want to organise locally. Several centres have set up regular meeting with a psychologist or CAMHS team member for confidential support sessions for trainees. Trainees have found these sessions incredibly useful to help maintain wellbeing. Social events and regular social interactions are the cornerstone of building resilience and wellbeing. Recently, several  Trusts have trainee appointed trainee leads for wellbeing.

Interested in research but don’t know where to start? The academic group have regular mentoring sessions. Anyone interested in finding out more about pathways into academia can attend. Contact: for more details.

MSF for Trainer: Multi-source Educational supervisors feedback can be accessed through the HEE (link below). This can be used to support appraisal & revalidation process.

Free access to RCPCH ePortfolio for “F3″s- From September 2018, RCPCH have waived the fee for affiliate membership for doctors interested in paediatrics for a maximum of 1 year. This includes access to a ”lite” version of the ePortfolio free of charge where trainees can create developmental logs, record WPBAs, set up PDPs and link all these to level 1 of Progress. Find more information here:

Dates for the Diary:

26 February London School of Paediatrics Conference

26 February Deadline for September 2019 OOP applications

28 February Deadline for submitting matching forms for ST4/5 & ST6-8