LSP WhatsApp Community

London School of Paediatrics WhatsApp Community!

We welcome you to JOIN this brand new and exciting feature of what’s app – COMMUNITIES!

It is a one way communication system so only the LSP chair, subgroup leads and our head of school can send messages to every trainee & trainer in London!


1. We aim to ensure every trainee and trainer in London is added to this community in order to capture the largest audience of London Paediatricians.

2. We aim to ensure widespread dissemination of all the excellent regional teaching, events and activities being held

3. We aim to create a transparent network and inclusive environment to allow all trainees & trainers to keep up to date information about London Paeds Training!


This group is only for London Paediatric Trainees & Trainers, so please email us using your NHS email to Please state your full name, where you currently work and your mobile number.



  1. This community is a one way communication system. So ONLY admin (ie Head of school, trainee committee co-chairs and the subgroup leads) will be able to send messages out
  2.  It will allow us to gain a wider breadth of sharing courses/teaching/the bulletin out to nearly every paeds trainee in London – if we get as many people in as possible
  3. Your phone number will not be shared with others in the community if you join this group. No one except the ADMIN can see your number and we ensure these details will not be shared.


  1. Another whats app group, we understand the whats app fatigue and constant barrage of messages. Its exhausting. However having one place we can send relevant regional training messages/events etc to will be an incredible resource in the future. (you can also mute and archive the community just like with groups)

We hope you join and also encourage all your team members to join us as well!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please bear with us as we try to create this community, already over 700 members!

Lots of love
Nisha & Sarah
LSP TC Co-chairs