LSP Trainee Contact Meetings

Do you have a question about your training? Perhaps life and/ or your plans have changed and you want to explore your options. Maybe things aren’t working out as you hoped and need to know what can be done. Being a doctor, a paediatrician, training in a way you are happy with and fitting this all in with the rest of life isn’t simple. And because ours is a regulated profession, there are rules that can complicated things, rules that are not always intuitive.

The LSP holds trainee contact meetings, where you can meet with the head or one of the deputy heads of school and a TPD. These meetings take place very frequently and are for anyone, at any stage of training. They are not just for those who may need some support. Topics discussed at recent meetings have included including returning to clinical work after statutory leave/research, OOP plans, career interests, issues with exams or progression, research aspirations and work/life balance. The meetings are informal and virtual (we use Zoom these days) and afterwards we’ll send a summary of our discussion.

We hope they are useful and allow you to go away and think through the options. There are an amazing range of different resources available in LSP, London, the Trusts and your individual training centres. We may highlight something you didn’t know about.

If you’re interested contact the Paediatric Team via the Portal ( ) and request a meeting.

We look forward to seeing you.

Ruth, Anne and Jonathan