LSP Simulation Programme North Central and North East London dates

We have some dates for the LSP Simulation programme training days in centres in North Central and North East London.

These are for NCNEL trainees and so please start booking!

To remind you more about the days and what the training involves please read below:

  • Full Immersion day – simulated scenario training day with training in both non-technical and technical aspects of the management of situations some more common than others.  This day is for ST1 and ST3 trainees and Paediatric nurses.  It is mandatory for ST1 and ST3 trainees.
  • Part-task/Communication day – this day is divided into training in delivering challenging news to parents using actors role-playing parents (Communication scenarios), and becoming more comfortable with undertaking practical procedures using part-task trainers.  This day is for ST3 trainees and is mandatory for training.