LSP Simulation Programme 2023

The LSP Simulation programme is being run in all paediatric units for 2023 and onwards.

What does this mean?

If you are a Level 1 trainee, your local team will be organising this training for you and you should have been notified about training days.

Training that will be taking place will be a combination of Full Immersion, Part-Task and Communication training.  We have shared all materials developed by the LSP Simulation Network and these will be used by the local teams – this has been undertaken so that trainees will have a similar experience across London.  We are aware that are some nuances that will be included by individual centres, tailored to individual units.

We DO want to hear about your training and so please complete the feedback – Please ask for the evaluation links after your courses.. and if you do not have these then please get in touch with the simulation TPDs and we can send these to you: these training days are for you and so we need to hear your thoughts!

If you cannot get onto a course where you work then please go to the LSP simulation webpage (under the Education tab) as there may be places available at other centres.

Many thanks,

Your LSP Simulation TPDs and a massive thanks to all centres!