LSP Regional Training Days – fully virtual for 2021

Hello all,

We are facing an incredible challenge at this time, and we’ve already seen major changes to the way that we deliver Paediatric training across London.  We have been very lucky in that we have been able to keep our Regional Training Days going, in partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine, and these have been running online since October.  Feedback has been good and attendance high.

With the new surge, we recognise that our dream of having face to face events again is just not possible and won’t be for some months to come.  We have made the decision with the RSM that all remaining events in the 2021 academic calendar will be converted to webinars and delivered online.

So long as you register in advance, you will have 30 days to view the sessions, so even if you can’t make it online to watch it live you can still join in.  We know that study leave has been cancelled in many trusts with this new surge but this will hopefully give us greater flexibility.  Unfortunately we don’t have the capabilities of extending the viewing time at the moment, but the RSM are looking into this.  The RSM also can’t allow retrospective registration, sorry, so if you are interested please make sure you sign up at least 2 hours before the event.

The next events are due to take place:

Wednesday 13th January – Haematology (non-malignant)

Wednesday 20th January – Neurology

Wednesday 17th February – Allergy

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If you have any questions about this, or any of the online sessions we host, please contact me: