Learning Together Clinics are BACK!

Are you ST5-8?

Ever wondered how common conditions are managed outside of the hospital? Interested in teaching and learning from colleagues in primary care? Frustrated by barriers between primary and secondary care that prevent your patients getting great care? Then Learning Together clinics are for you!

Learning Together clinics are:

  • Child health clinics in a primary care practice
  • Run jointly by a GP registrar and a Paediatric trainee
  • Include a virtual MDT to disseminate learning to the rest of practice

Want to know more?


Learning Together Homepage

Attend a virtual workshop:

8th November 2021 7pm-8pm

30th November 2021 7pm -8pm


NCEL emma.sunderland2@nhs.net

NWL tami.benzaken@nhs.net

SL chloe.macaulay@gstt.nhs.uk