Infectious Diseases and Host Defence, Imperial College London, 2-3 December 2019

This short course will explore and explain the physiological basis of common problems encountered in paediatric practice.

There are considerable differences in susceptibility to infections at various ages. Understanding the host/organism interactions will not only aid management, but also highlight targets for prevention. This short course will cover a scientific basis of infectious disease throughout childhood and management strategies to improve outcomes.

Specific subjects will be: meningococcal infection, HIV in childhood, tuberculosis, RSV bronchiolitis and other respiratory infections. Infection in the immune compromised host will be discussed.

The course is part of a range of short courses spread throughout the academic year which are available both to students who are enrolled on the MSc in paediatrics and child health and as stand-alone CPD accredited programmes for all healthcare professionals. The courses are offered in line with level 3 of the RCPCH curriculum.