Excellence Exchange – Northwick Park Hospital

The team went to NWPH on 22nd June, a much delayed event because of you-know-who. I say “went”, as actually only Alex went physically, and the rest of the Everyday Excellence team joined online. Although this brought its own challenges, we ended up with over 30 people, in two physical locations on site and online.
The issues that the local team had asked us to look at with them was workload, rest space and facilities, and feedback from Datix. They thought we could learn from their teamwork, teaching programme and clinical exposure.
After we had reviewed some trainee feedback in the latest LSP survey we went into breakout rooms to explore some of these issues. I was impressed by the proactive way that the team took on the problems, attempting to address knotty issues like excessive workload and lack of rest space. The plan adopted was to focus instead on learning – and creating consultant – trainee partnerships across a rotation so that each senior trainee would have some specialism in their clinic exposure. The team decided to start a regular “learning from …” newsletter and present this at monthly safety meetings.
The teamwork was discussed so that others could learn from what is going well at NWPH. Key seems to be co-location, working in bubbles to develop firm-like structures, the two-at-night registrars sharing ideas and work, and the morning after breakfasts. The flat hierachy and ethos are also huge contributors. Great ideas that could be taken up.
We finished with an action plan and timeline for quality improvement processes.
Thanks so much for hosting the team and we hope NWPH found the time useful.