COVID Update for OOP Applicants and holders

Dear OOP applicants and OOP holders,

Firstly I hope you and your families are well – these are difficult times, with lots of real problems, and lots of worries too.
There have been several emails coming from trainees, supervisors and others that relate to OOP during the Covid year. I’ll try to address a few of these. As with many other things, its a fast moving situation and what is said this week may be different next week. Still, explaining where we are now, simple steps forward and the logic behind it all seems much better than no information at all.
There are two basic enquiries we have been getting. The first is from trainees who are on OOP at the moment, and who are looking to come back to training as soon as possible, for a mixture of reasons – really wanting to help out where they can and being mindful of the issues facing their colleagues, and because their OOP cannot work out for Covid related reasons. This must be very disappointing for those in this situation, as often these OOPs have taken a while to plan and are much anticipated. I am really sorry about this, even if there is little i can do. But I suspect there will be worse things that we have to face in the coming months.
We are currently collating a list of vacant posts that could be used immediately for such trainees from college tutors. If you are interested in immediately returning to a training post, please get in contact with Ade and Luke at They will let the programme management TPDs know and match you up with a post that fits your needs, your experience and geography. We will sort out the deanery paperwork.
In this situation, the OOP will be suspended, so that you are not using your OOP allocation. If you choose to reapply in future, this will be helpful.
The second email is from people who have been granted an OOP from this september and wondering if this will be affected. We are awaiting confirmation about this, but it looks probably that these OOPs may be cancelled This will again have substantial implications for those in this situation, but again we are entering an extremely serious situation where many may die from an overwhelmed NHS. It is likely that this will continue for many many months There is so much planning and so many sacrifices being made to avoid this, and this may be one that we will be compelled to make. If this happens, reinstating the OOP will not be an issue and a flexible approach to OOP time will be taken. We are not there yet, and I will let you know as soon as I do.
I hope this is as clear as possible. I am hoping that we will have a pause in OOP and you will be able to return to this as soon as possible. Please contact me for clarification!
Jonathan Round
Reader in Clinical Education
Consultant Paediatric Intensivist
Paediatrics, Head of School