Chronic Lung Disease of Prematurity – Controversies and consensus – new dimensions to explore in managing CLD of prematurity.

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Chronic Lung Disease of Prematurity – Controversies and consensus – new dimensions to explore in managing CLD of prematurity.




4th King’s J P Paediatric Respiratory Conference, London


Chronic Lung disease of Prematurity: Controversies and Consensus – new dimensions to explore




9:10 am
Welcome & Introductions


Prevention and management of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in the neonatal unit

Dr Theodore Dassios


This session will aim to cover:

·      Preventive strategies in cases identified as being at
increased risk of BPD.

·      Invasive and non-invasive ventilation in BPD

·      Evolution of early BPD

·      Early origins and interventions that are associated with later development of BPD

Management of Chronic Lung disease of Prematurity outside neonatal unit–           Dr Jayesh Bhatt


This session will aim to cover:

·      Developing a pathway (When to refer / involve respiratory team )

·      When to investigate for co-morbidities in severe disease or when difficult to wean (aspiration lung disease, GORD , optimising nutritional management

·      When to consider complex investigations like HRCT Chest, flexible bronchoscopy, complex sleep studies

·      Role of diuretics / steroids / Azithromycin

·      Palivizumab  / RSV vaccines

Coffee break and networking


Imaging neonatal lung diseases – a practical guide

Dr Tom Semple


This session will aim to cover the role of:

  • Imaging appearances of neonatal lung diseases (including BPD and infant onset ChILD entities)
  • Practicalities of imaging neonates (GA/sedation vs immobilisation devices and faster scanners)
  • IV contrast vs non-contrast (pros and cons)
  • Ionising radiation exposures from CT examinations – shift in risk/benefit balance from old to new scanners
  • Role of the chest radiograph and thoracic/respiratory applications of ultrasound.
  • When to use CT
  • Future prospects in neonatal thoracic imaging
  • Questions / discussion

Lunch and networking

Feeding Considerations in Infants with Chronic Lung Disease of Prematurity

Ms Ashley Dean

This session will aim to cover:

·      Overview of feeding skill development

·      Role of the speech and language therapist (SLT)

·      The role of synchronicity in infant feeding

·      When to refer to SLT

·      What to consider when feeding infants with CLD

·      How to manage feeding issues in infants with CLD

·      Dysfunctional swallow / silent aspiration

·      When to refer for Videofluoroscopy

·      Risk benefit of Videofluoroscopy

Genetic disorders of surfactant protein dysfunction: when to consider and how to investigate

Dr Atul Gupta


This session will aim to cover:

·      Overview of the genetic surfactant protein dysfunction syndromes.

·      Clinical features of the surfactant protein dysfunction syndromes

·      When to suspect this diagnosis

·      How to investigate it

·      Current treatment options.

Weaning of oxygen in infants with Chronic Lung disease of Prematurity

Dr Hazel Evans (HE)

Dr Jayesh Bhatt (JMB)


This session will aim to cover:

·      Performing and interpreting oximetry in infant (HE)

  • overview of setting up an oximeter (HE)
  • oximetry home service (JMB)
  • How to analyse oximetry traces (JMB)
  • Case based discussion on weaning children with Chronic lung disease of Prematurity from supplemental oxygen using oximetry as a weaning tool (JMB)
  • Case based discussion on managing babies who fail to wean off ventilation/high flow (HE)
  • Limitations of oximetry studies (HE)

15:30 pm
Social Media, Ethics…..…..Decisions

Dr Joe Brierley


Coffee Break
Session 4




What the RCPCH is doing to increase research productivity?
Prof Neena Modi


Afternoon tea with Janus – looking both ways
Prof Andy Bush



Determinants of survival in complex paediatric disease: lessons from a simpler age
Prof Bob Wood

Respiratory outcomes of prematurity
Prof Anne Greenough

18:00 – 19:00
Welcome drinks reception
Terrace at Bush house

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