Child Bereavement Study Days-New dates for 2020!

Child Bereavement Study Days: Update

Please be advised LSP, in discussion with the Child Bereavement Charity, have decided to postpone these courses for the rest of 2020 and not offer an online alternative.  We will be reviewing this but believe this course runs better face to face and where we can support trainees better.  We hope to back up and running in 2021, should the rules allow. 

Four dates have been confirmed for 2020:

  • 17th of January, 2020
  • 3rd of April, 2020-CANCELLED DUE TO COVID
  • 10th of July, 2020-CANCELLED DUE TO COVID
  • 15th of October, 2020-CANCELLED DUE TO COVID

What are the Child Bereavement Training Days?

The Child Bereavement Charity has created a course for Paediatric Trainees in London to gain a better understanding and skills in supporting bereaved parents and children.  The opportunity to meet bereaved parents gives trainees invaluable insight into how families experience bereavement.  The day will improve communication skills with parents and children in complex and difficult situations. It will also develop practical knowledge of medical procedures (post mortem, organ donation) and help trainees to support and look after themselves in child bereavement.

These days are very well received with previous trainees saying “incredible session with bereaved parents”, “I now have more confidence in talking to parents and being aware of the phrases I use” and “I realised the gap between parents’ expectations and our practice”.

Who are they aimed at?

The days are designed for ST5 Paediatric Trainees, but are also suitable for ST6-8 Paediatric Trainees.

Booking information and cost

For more information and to book your place please contact Julie West (tel: 01494 568908 / email:  The day costs £70.

The Child Bereavement Charity runs other days that may of interest to you particularly with regards to neonatal palliative care and communicating with bereaved parents and supporting families through grief, as well as many more.  A full list of their courses can be found on their website (

Further reading

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