Calling all trainees and fellows working in London! Introducing Paediatrics Priority Setting Project (PaedsPSP)


Calling all trainees and fellows working in London!

We have launched our Paediatric priority setting project (PaedsPSP) and would love for you to get involved.

Priority setting projects are set up to identify the most important topics for future research, audit or service evaluation. They are designed to find questions that are not answered by existing research, standards, or centralised guidelines, which are relevant and useful.

We currently invite you to submit questions that are important to you, are relevant in day-to-day paediatric practice and address gaps in the evidence.

Submitted questions will be sorted so that duplicates and questions, which have already been answered, are excluded. The list will then be sent back to you to prioritise.

Our final stage will be to have a working group for trainees and fellows, together with children and parents. A final set of questions will be used to inform further research, for REACH projects and beyond.


How to take part:


Other resources

Please also help us by sharing this email, putting up the attached poster at work and taking paper copies of the survey to your teaching sessions.

Here is a link to the launch webinar:

To get in touch with the project team please email: