Assessing Risk in Young People with Mental Health difficulties – A Paediatric Simulation Training course

  • Have you found yourself being asked to assess mental health risk in a young person?
  • Have you referred to psychiatry without knowing exactly what information to convey?
  • Have you felt uncertain about how to manage mental health issues in the young people under your care?

If so, this course can help. We combine essential teaching in mental health assessment with interactive simulations with professional actors. You’ll have the opportunity to practice assessing and communicating with young people with mental health difficulties, while keeping in mind the needs of parents and other members of the MDT.

This course is for all patient-facing, clinical staff.  You’ll leave with the capacity to:

  • Judge what information is relevant to provide when referring to child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Formulate a risk assessment of children and adolescents presenting with mental health problems in paediatric settings
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the legal framework for children and adolescents presenting with mental health difficulties

Next course: Friday 16th June 10am to 4pm, Face-to-face @ GOSH

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