Apply to Join the LSP Trainees Committee, Deadline 22nd September 2020

Applications to join the LSP Trainees’ Committee are now open, and can be made by clicking here

The Trainees’ Committee is very fortunate to be strongly supported at Consultant level by Training Programme Directors, STC Leads and the Head of School. Created in 2008 many of the educational opportunities across London are developed and delivered through The Trainees’ Committee, for example the RSM Study Days, ST1 induction day, the MRCPCH revision website and improved School ST recruitment processes.

Purpose of The Trainees’ Committee
• Trainee representation
• Support for the design and delivery of training innovations
• Personal and leadership development of committee members

Please ensure you have signed up and fully acquainted yourself with the school website and have read The Trainees’ Committee Handbook and the ‘Trainees Committee- Who We Are’ section of the school website. It is important you fully understand what membership involves, the commitment required and are able to indicate which working groups you feel you would like to work with the most. Trainee Committee members are expected to attend at least 50% of Trainee Committee meetings.

Application Assessment Process
Applications will be assessed anonymously and independently by the same set of assessors: a minimum of three people, including at least one consultant and one trainee committee member. The strongest applications will then be allocated to available committee subgroup spaces according to indicated preferences.

Eligability Criteria: You must be a trainee within London School of Paediatrics.

Application Deadline: 22nd September 2020 23:59

Thank you for applying.

Best wishes
Priyen Shah and Sarah McLoughlin, Co-Chairs of Trainees’ Committee