Apply for Thinking Together – A collaboration between Paediatricians and Psychiatrists

Thinking Together is a scheme that links Paediatric
and CAMHS trainees together to share clinical
encounters and foster a collaborative way of learning
and working together.

The scheme was piloted in March 2016 with 30 trainees matched across
London and feedback was very positive. Since then there has been a
wider roll out to four other centres across the UK. Now the scheme is
going to take a more structured approach and we are really excited about
this next phase.

Trainees will be paired up for a year, starting from October 9th 2019 and
will be expected to participate/ host one relevant clinical activity per
month, such as:
• Sitting in one another’s clinics.
• Attending referral meetings.
• Shadowing visits.
• Signposting partner to relevant clinics/ teaching sessions/ learning

As part of the programme participants are invited to attend four morning
workshops throughout the year as an opportunity to reflect on lessons
learnt and receive teaching on relevant paediatric mental health topics.
Trainees who would like to join the programme from October 2019 are
required to complete the application form below by 15th September.


Thinking Together flyer and application form