And a huge shout out to….the amazing team at QEH Woolwich.

For those of you who have not been to the leafy suburbs beyond Greenwich, you will have missed the gem of a team working in this trust. As with many trusts, Woolwich has a needy local population and has issues with staffing. Sound familiar?

I was contacted by the whole consultant team at QEH Woolwich, who wanted to formally commend their registrars and middle grade team for their hard work, commitment and insatiable enthusiasm, in very difficult circumstances, over the past five months. Their rota was 50% empty, but this exceptional team of registrars managed to continue to provide excellent patient care, great support and teaching to their more junior colleagues, and maintained the safety and morale of the whole department.  The consultant team recognised that was a considerable achievement, especially considering the busyness and high acuity of both the paediatric and neonatal units at Woolwich which have been unrelenting.

It is a real credit to their knowledge, skill and leadership qualities as individual paediatricians, as well as their fantastic, cohesive team working.

They are:


Training at Woolwich is not holiday, but many have chosen Woolwich as a great place to learn and really step up. Well done Woolwich team!

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