London Paediatrics - Journal of The London School of Paediatrics

Introducing… London Paediatrics, the new online journal from the London School of Paediatrics.

London Paediatrics is focuses on learning about paediatrics. Much excellent work is done that doesn’t fit the standard Intro/Methods/Results/Discussion format found in the majority of other publications, but still is valuable and interesting to those learning about how to treat children.

We are providing a platform for case reports, QI projects, pilot projects, opinions, video and picture formats reporting findings and innovations of interest to those working in paediatrics and learning how to work in children’s healthcare.

This is a new venture and we really look forward to your support. The first edition online now reflects much of the work submitted to the conference and we hope to release a second edition in the summer.

London Paediatrics was formally unveiled at the LSP Conference on Tuesday. It was also an amazing opportunity to showcase the exciting new branding done by trainees Jess Roberts and Lizzi Aguinaldo!

Have a look, submit something and get involved! London Paediatrics

Tom Slater, Nisha Patel, Nick Prince & Jonathan Round