2023 RSM Practical Paediatrics for the Generalist webinar

In association with Archives of Disease in Childhood, the Royal Society of Medicine has organised a webinar called ‘Practical paediatrics for the generalist’. You might find of interest to attend or forward to colleagues.

It will cover 8 short sessions on common acute, chronic, and developmental conditions pitched at generalists and paediatricians across all levels.

All the topics/presentations have been published as ‘Reviews’ in ADC or ’15 minute consultation’ in Archives of Disease in Childhood (Education and Practice), so have been peer reviewed and stylised for what you might cover in clinic or in PAU attendance.

When: Tues Feb 21st, 2023

Where: Online

Cost: £79 for non-members

Booking link and agenda here: https://www.rsm.ac.uk/events/paediatrics-and-child-health/2022-23/pdr54/.